curse of man

The curse is a kind of energy blow, a magical negative, the source of which is hatred. By force, this is a very, very diverse group of influences: from domestic, which can not lead to any tangible effects, to extremely destructive magical influences on man.

In our life, people most often use the curse as the last, extreme measure, when a person is overwhelmed with emotions, and he feels hatred, despair, his own helplessness to change anything. These emotions have a pronounced negative color, corrode a person from within, or he can not cope with them. By releasing these emotions outwardly or with the help of those who are in the subject along with cursing words – this creates thereby an energy message, a blow that can reach or not reach the addressee ..

The further fate of such an energy attack can be as follows:

  • The impact will not reach the addressee.
    Most often, ordinary people are far from any practical magic and it happens. And what is particularly bad, the curse can strike and by the very person who did not know how to release the curse.
  • The impact falls in the addressee’s field, is fixed in it and starts executing the task that was embedded in it. And if there is enough energy in it, then describe how it works in this case, you can by the word “disaster” – the fate of a person splits, completely or partially changing due to such influence.
  • The impact hangs around the addressee for a while, waiting for the “convenient moment”; this moment is the presence of “fertile soil”, in which it needs to gain a foothold. In this case, the exposure for a long time may not have an effect on the life of the person to whom it was addressed. But for the time being, until the time comes the right moment, and it will consolidate. The consequences of such an option can be conditionally described as a “fissure in destiny”. In this case, the impact, having fixed, will correct the fate of its victim in the way it was prescribed, said, formulated.

This kind of magical negativity can be classified not only based on how the curse works, but also in another way. The following types of curses can be distinguished:

Performed on personal power
Performed with the help or attraction of people of power (magicians).

I suggest that you use my power in this kind of conscious influence. You are only required to take the karmic consequences and pay for my help.
A photograph of the impact object is needed.

To order the curse of a person, send an email to the address with the subject of the letter “curse of man” and the object’s photo in the attachment. The cost of the service is from $ 100. Additional clarifications and a way of payment will be offered in the reply letter.